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Cameron Champ Takes a Stand on Racial Injustice

Cameron Champ has been one of the most vocal PGA Tour players when it comes to taking a stand on issues of racial injustice.

In just his second full season on the PGA Tour, Cameron Champ was one of only 30 players to reach the Tour Championship. In the process, he has also been able to use his platform to take a stand on issues of racial injustice.

During the BMW Championship and Tour Championship, Cameron wore one white shoe and one black shoe adorned with “Breonna Taylor,” “Jacob Blake,” “Black Lives Matter” and “Papa Champ,” the latter being a tribute to his late grandfather, Mack Champ, a victim of racial discrimination himself.

“Until equality in our country means everyone is treated with the same level of dignity and respect, and afforded the same level of opportunity, freedom and justice in all things as human beings, we will never be able to truly live up to our ideals, or reach our full potential as a nation,” Cameron said in a post on social media. “I join my fellow athletes in continuing to use my voice for positive change that will move our country forward as one.”

Cameron also spoke with reporters at the BMW Championship about his position and the reasons he feels so passionately about the issue. You can watch the video on Facebook.